STORM : a revolutionary premium quality sound system designed specifically for furniture integration. 

STORM is a joint project between audio and technology specialists OPALUM and furniture component specialists IPEA.


STORM is designed to fit into a range of furniture environments and will be sold to manufacturers of  bedrooms, wooden furniture, sofas, beds, kitchens, hotels and new housing developments across the globe.



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STORM produces stunning, integrated sound beyond the reach of standard technology

All Opalum speaker systems incorporate a sophisticated array of patented sound technologies. Not only do they ensure a sonic performance that is unheard of in lifestyle audio products, they also include the latest generation of high-quality audio streaming. For example, combining Opalum’s Actiline technology with the latest generation of Bluetooth (aptX) wireless streaming, lossless CD-quality audio is possible in all Opalum speaker systems and ensures a bit-perfect signal all the way from a device to the speakers

Seamless, flexible installation specifically for furniture integration

One of the main design features of the STORM unit is that it is extremely flexible and can be installed into a number of environments. Some of the 'flexible features' are...


1. The units can be installed vertically or horozontally depending on the type of installation. The buttons can be rotated 360 degrees to their desired location


2. The units can be used as mono or stereo speakers. Two STORM units can be connected together to provide 200w of premium sound quality

3. The grill can be repainted allowing manufacturers and designers to personalise the STORM unit

4. The fixing bracket can be placed in different positions on the STORM. This allows a 'flush' finish regardless of the installation environment. For example if it is installed into a sofa or headboard, considerations for the foam and fabric can be accounted for.


5. Two sound profiles. The STORM comes with two sound profiles 1) For installations above 1.5 metres 2) installations below 1.5 metres. The installer / manufacturer can select the desired profile based on the installation. The sound quality will then be modified based on the users settings. For example if the STORM is in a kitchen wall shelf (above 1.5m) the sound will be projected towards the floor.

Technical Specification

Part Specification
Amplifer Opalum Class D amplifier module with 2 x 20 Watt RMS, 2X40 watt peak
Woofers 2 x 3,5", PP cone, 6 ohm in parallel
Tweeter 1”, 8 ohm, front mounted faceplate
Technology Full use of Opalum Actisonic technology for higher performance in constrained environments (patented)
Connectivity Bluetooth wireless, Aux in on back with mini jack (75cm)
Power Supply UK, EU, US or Chinese plugs available
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