Opalum sound technology

All Opalum speaker systems incorporate a sophisticated array of patented sound technologies. Not only do they ensure a sonic performance that is unheard of in lifestyle audio products, they also include the latest generation of high-quality audio streaming. For example, combining Opalum’s Actiline technology with the latest generation of Bluetooth (aptX) wireless streaming, lossless CD-quality audio is possible in all Opalum speaker systems and ensures a bit-perfect signal all the way from a device to the speakers

Explaining how the unique Opalum Sound System works is rather complicated and technical. How can such slim loudspeakers produce such clear and resonant sound so as to render subwoofers superfluous?


The short answer is that Opalum’s active loudspeakers have unique software built into a small, compressed chip.


The slightly longer explanation: advanced inverse filtering algorithms and psycho-acoustics enable rich, crisp and clear sound from “impossible” designs. A summary of the Opalum technology used in the STORM product is described below. For an indepth understanding of Opalum sound technology please Click Here. 


The core of the Opalum technologies, digitally enabling a clear and pleasant sound from physically constrained, ultra-low-cost or seemingly impossible acoustic designs. Model specific characterization and measurements ensure total control of the audio sub-system including electronics, transducer and enclosure coloring of the sound. Click Here for more info.

A novel speaker protection system for increased control of highly stressed acoustical transducers.


This system is useful to reduce warranty returns in virtually any sound system. However, it’s specialized on dynamic micro-drivers for ultra-books, thin TVs and mobile devices where speaker protection is highly important due to low power handling and wide tolerances. Click Here for more info.


The perfect companion for wireless signal transmission technologies, making each zone installation more elegant than ever.


Power supply is the main obstacle in the emerging active speaker eco-system. High quality audio simply requires too much power to be entirely battery driven. Opalum Actiline™ significantly reduces cabling and facilitates flexible and neat installations.


Electrical cables come in standard lengths of 3m, 5m etc. so no matter how the signal is transferred there is usually a lot of excess electrical cable lying around the sound system. By running a safe power supply of 24V DC on a normal speaker wire the user can easily cut and fit the cables for any room, wall or ceiling.


- Easy and flexible powering of active speaker
- Digital signal superimposed on 24V DC supply on a normal speaker cable
- No buffering delay: a perfect choice for movies, gaming etc.
- Robust, bit perfect signal transmission enables high-end performance
- Daisy-chaining capability
- Ultra-low-cost transmitter and receiver hardware


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