STORM overview

STORM is a revolutionary premium sound system designed specifically for furniture integration. STORM is a joint project between audio and technology specialists OPALUM and furniture component specialists IPEA.


STORM is designed to fit into a range of furniture environments and will be sold to manufacturers of  bedrooms, wooden furniture, sofas, beds, kitchens, hotels and new housing developments across the globe.

Opalums underlying concept

The Opalum Sound System originally arose from a wish to offer professional sound to consumers, i.e. quality sound on a par with recording studios and concert halls.


It is commonly accepted in the sound industry that excellent sound requires large loudspeakers. Opalum decided to challenge the veracity of this and successfully developed a technology which unites excellent, resonant sound with slim esthetic design.

The Opalum concept grew into a wish to provide a sound system which combines optimal sound with a design that departs from big, space-consuming cabinets. The design also frees up space, thus making it easier to furnish your home.


Founder of Opalum technology, Pär G. Risberg, a literal genius from the cold Norse land of Sweden and an engineer extraordinaire in sound, acoustics, electronics, and digital technologies, came up with a truly unique and innovative technology for processing audio signal digitally while enhancing and controlling it all of the way through amplification and to speakers. In doing so, small sized speaker drivers in tiny cabinets sounded big, full range, dynamic, sonically balanced, accurate, clean, and time coherent. This technology became Actisonic®, which is the back bone of all Opalum products and what makes the sonic “magic”.


Once the word got out about Pär’s groundbreaking technologies, it reached the receptive and interested ears of Lasse Hald and Ulrik Sindberg, who each have more than two decades of experience as top executives at industry leading audio companies including Jamo. Together they founded Opalum in 2009 with a common goal: to make the world’s highest performance, ultrathin, digitally active loudspeakers for today’s progressive lifestyles.

The IPEA group

Ipea are world leaders in the design and distribution of innovative furniture components. Ipea have sold over 80,000 technological products to some of Europes leading brands such as Natuzzi, NEXT, DFS, Chateau d'ax, SCS, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and B&Q.


Historically Ipea have been market leaders in supplying components to the European upholstery industry. The launch of the Ipea Tech range in 2010 has seen an expansion into the global kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, hotel and holiday homes markets. 


Ipea's headquarters are based in Meda, Italy and we have international offices in the UK, Spain, Poland, Romania and Hong Kong.

The man behind the technology

Pär G. Risberg was raised on both music and technology. He himself plays several musical instruments and he has worked professionally as a provider of PA sound for concerts, clubs and recording studios.


Pär gained an engineering degree in Applied Physics and Electronics from the University of Linköping in Sweden, while being actively involved in developing and testing emerging sound technologies from research groups around the world.

By combining research from many different fields, ranging from human hearing and signal processing to automatic control systems and System-on-Chip, some of his innovations tied these arts together in novel ways to form the first groundbreaking technologies behind Opalum®.


Backed by confident shareholders, including SEB Bank, Industrifonden and a select circle of businesspeople and designers, Pär implemented his unique technology in the Opalum FLOW.4810 – primarily to have a radical first product that showed the technology and performance in real-life use.



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